Morra Aarons-Mele is the founder of award-winning digital agency Women Online and its database of women influencers, The Mission List. Morra is the author of Hiding in the Bathroom: A Roadmap to Getting Out There (When You’d Rather Stay Home). Morra also hosts the podcast Hiding in the Bathroom- listen now!


Hiding in the Bathroom book

Hiding in the Bathroom:

A Roadmap to Getting Out There (When You’d Rather Stay Home).

A guide for all the people who prefer those moments of hiding in the bathroom to constantly climbing the ladder or working the room.
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Women Online is a digital marketing agency focused on mobilizing your most powerful audience: women.  A small but mighty shop, the world's most powerful institutions and leaders turn to us when they need strategic and tactical advice to reach women consumers. If you're a brand or organization looking to reach women and inspire them to shift their attitudes, donate money, launch a new product, or help create social change, Women Online will create an innovative digital program to achieve your goals.


An internet marketer specializing in reaching women online since 1999, especially in the political arena, Morra was founding Political Director for BlogHer, Internet Marketing Director for the Democratic National Committee, and has written for Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, the Wall St. Journal, the New York Times, and the Guardian. She covers events from the White House to the campaign trail as a blogger on women, politics, and work.