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There is no one kind of entrepreneur. You can be the kind of entrepreneur you want to be, and you can run a business that sustains you- the real you. 

When you run a business, conventional wisdom holds that you must network a lot. You must be always on. You must hustle and work 24-7. You must “get out there.” You must put your business first at all costs. 

And it is true that when you run a business, hustling is part of the game. Sometimes, you’ve got to fake it ‘til you make it-- even if you feel like a total impostor. This makes a lot of us anxious (though we don’t want anyone to know).

Here’s the truth: running a business is a skill, not an inherent gift. And it’s not the exclusive provenance of extroverts or the carefree. This show will share skills, hacks, and real stories from women who’ve been there, and thrived by defining their own rules. We will tackle the sometimes thorny emotions that accompany a quest for world domination and help you create a plan for success that feels great.